Artist’s Story

AndreaWolf_theRoan_48x60_6000As a small child in Tennessee, Andrea used to sit on her grandfather’s knee and he would draw little doodles for her and tell her stories. She soon found that she loved to draw too. As Andrea continued her academic career in psychology, she always found herself being drawn back to art and by the time she was done with school, she decided to treat herself to an oil painting class at the local art center. She was hooked. Andrea spent 15 years painting on her own and attending a workshop or two with artists that she liked. She experimented with her art, but one thing that she could not shake was strong color. In every shadow, she saw a multitude of subtle shades that she wanted to translate into vibrant highlights for her subjects.

Andrea’s life turned with her family to living overseas. She spent time in London, absorbing the art of Europe and then moved to Brazil where the energy and color of life and art inspired her to become a working artist. She returned home to Texas as a working artist. In her current series, she paints the beauty of the wildlife of the Southwest region of the US with all of the color and vibrancy that she sees.

Andrea’s paintings now hang in homes across the USA (Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, Idaho, Utah and California) and the globe (England, Sweden and Brazil).

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