Artist In Residence

March 1, 2017

Barbara L. Dugelby, PhD
Wild Basin Creative Research Center St. Edward’s University 512-327-7622

“Artist in Residence Program Launches at Wild Basin Creative Research Center”

Austin, TX, March 1, 2017

The Wild Basin Creative Research Center of St. Edward’s University is pleased to announce the launch of an Artist in Residence Program. Artist in Residence programs have long been incorporated into parks within the United States and have brought the arts and nature together in unique ways. This experience will give artists opportunities to collaborate with preserve programs and help promote the importance of environmental education, conservation and preservation. This program also will increase community outreach and support for the arts in our creative city.

The inaugural awardee for the Wild Basin Artist in Residence Program is local wildlife artist, Andrea Wolf, who will be in residence from March 1 to May 31, 2017. Ms. Wolf’s work focuses on contemporary portraits of regional wildlife. The artist will be painting at the preserve weekly and conducting two events open to the public at the Wild Basin Creative Research Center. One event will explore the influence of local wildlife on society and the arts, and will feature a painting demonstration. The second event will be for children, and will focus on incorporating nature into art.

About Wild Basin

Since 2009, Wild Basin has been co-owned and co-managed by St. Edward’s University and Travis County. Starting with the grassroots establishment of the preserve in the 1970s, Wild Basin has had a long history of being innovative in protecting what is essential to Austin and supporting interdisciplinary creative research opportunities on their stunning 227 acres. In addition to serving the university community, the preserve is open to the public 365 days of the year for trail hiking and events. Wild Basin also offers volunteer opportunities, environmental education events and guided school tours. We are excited to extend this treasured educational resource to provide more for the local community via the biannual Artist in Residence Program.


Andrea Wolf:
Wild Basin:
To learn more about the Artist in Residence Program, please contact Barbara Dugelby at 512- 327-7622, or

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