Andrea is a self-taught Texas artist working in oil on canvas for more than 15 years. She currently lives in Austin again after having spent time living in England and Brazil soaking up the art and cultures around her.  She has been interested in art since childhood and was always drawn to art classes, art history and workshops as a means of creative expression. Andrea has been selected for juried exhibitions in Clear Lake and Galveston and her art is part of private collections in the U.S. and abroad.

Painting, for me, is a way to capture the beauty and hidden colors that I see in the world and translate it into oils on canvas. I use my brushstrokes and color choices as a way to communicate what I observe in everyday creation and express it with joy. My current work is of wild and domestic animals of the Southwest. Animals are a symbol of pure expression for me. I love to watch how they move and emphasize the bold colors that I see hiding in their light and shadows. 

To me, animals represent certain basic qualities of spirit that I think we, as humans, connect with. There is a pure honesty in animals that I think resonates with all cultures when they reach back to their indigenous roots and that symbolism has carried over into the major world religions and even surfaces in modern culture. It remains a personal connection for us to the natural world and our collective past. As an artist, I am drawn to that purity and I hope that is reflected in my animal portraits; both in the joyful series of colorful backgrounds and in the more subtle and introspective white series. I hope that my paintings bring joy both through their beauty and through that over-arching connection.